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What is Euro Créative ?

Based in Paris since 2019, Euro Créative is an independent and non-profit think tank focused on Central and Eastern Europe. The setting up of this initiative stems from a clear observation: this region is too often neglected in France, whether academically or politically. The result is a general lack of understanding among the French public, but also among political circles, about the issues affecting these countries. Yet Central and Eastern Europe is a key region for any analysis dealing with future developments of the European Union in terms of political unity or economic integration for example. And it will remain so in the coming years. 

Given the lack of specialized actors working on this region in France, Euro Créative has the ambition to become the most important French organization regarding the multi-thematic and transdisciplinary study of Central and Eastern Europe. Our platform of reflection will thus play a role in stimulating relations between France and the countries of the region. 

Our objectives


Raise interest

Euro Créative is promoting the development of greater interest and knowledge about Central and Eastern Europe in France.


Improve relations

Euro Créative is promoting the improvement of relations (political, economic, societal and cultural) between France and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


Increase presence

Euro Créative is promoting France's presence in Central and Eastern European countries and vice et versa.

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